Start Sending Faxes Online Today

Is it difficult or complex to send fax online? The answer to this question is no! If you know how to send and receive an email, then you can send and receive faxes online too. Once you register with an online fax service provider, they will associate a dedicated and personal fax number to your email account.

Once this is done, you can simply compose a new email message. However, instead of entering an email address in the recipient box, you enter the designated fax number that you would like to send a message to. In the subject box, type in the person you would like to address the fax to. In the body of the email, type your cover letter. Then attach your fax message in PDF format to the email, just like you would attach any other attachment to an email.

send fax online

Learn How To Send Faxes Online

After this is complete, you can simply hit send and your recipient will receive their fax message. If you are sending it to another fax to email account, they will receive your message as an email. If you send it to a conventional fax machine, then your fax will be converted to a regular fax message that is printed out for them.

This is all there is to sending faxes online. You can register for a free fax to email account and start sending messages today. Deploy this powerful technology throughout your business and start sending and receiving faxes in a convenient and affordable way today.